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Access to services and applications

In principle, all services / content / applications accessible via the internet access service must be treated equally, regardless of the content of the communication, the type of service or application, or who the sender and the receiver are.

The end-users’ right to access and distribute any services and content is protected by the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 – link, which lays down measures concerning open internet access, forbidding the discriminatory treatment of the internet traffic across the European Union, aa well as the management practices which block or slow down specific applications and services.

The only exceptions allowed refer to temporary and reasonable traffic management measures applied by the providers that should be transparent, non-discriminatory, proportionate and based on technical quality considerations of the internet access service.

What, how, and where you can complain

If your provider limits your access to certain services or applications, ANCOM can take measures. Find out how you can submit a complaint. Check the section Notify ANCOM!