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How to choose a postal service provider

  1. Here is the list of postal service providers authorized by ANCOM

If you want to choose among providers from your county of interest only, select the “Filter” option.

  1. Check whether the chosen provider has postal offices (points of access where you can submit postal items) in the respective county

Access the List of fixed staffed access points (where the sender can submit a postal item) → enter the name of the provider or area you are interested in (county, city, commune or village) → select the “Filter” option.

This is how you will find out the addresses where you can submit a postal item, as well as the working hours of the provider in question.

  1. Check whether the provider you want to contact is not in one of the following situations:
  1. Check whether the chosen provider is authorized to provide the postal service you want.

Access the List of authorized postal service providers → choose the county where you wish to send the postal item from → select the “Filter” option → select “[…]” to find out more details about the provider you are interested in.

Here you will find all the postal services that the provider in question has the right to provide, as well as the date from which it has the right to provide these services. In addition, you will also find the identification data of the respective provider: name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, unique registration code and, if applicable, the website.

Warning! The fact that a postal service provider has the right to provide a certain service does not mean that it has the obligation to provide the said service. To check whether your chosen provider actually provides the service you are interested in, check their website or contact them directly.

When choosing a postal service provider, consider also the following aspects:

  • the quality conditions ensured for the desired service (especially the delivery times);
  • the tariffs charged for the services of interest for you;
  • what are the conditions of acceptance of the postal items in the postal network.