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5G and sustainability

Is 5G a green technology?

Yes. The energy efficiency of a 5G network is clearly superior to a 4G network, helping to reduce energy consumption by up to 100 times. As explained on the European Commission’s website, which provides answers Frequently asked questions on 5G (see the answer to question 8), this is done by using energy-saving features, by placing small, low-power antennas close to the users and through increasingly efficient technology, where the transmission power is generated only when it is actually needed, respectively where there is active traffic. By enabling loads of objects to be connected to the Internet, including smart meters, and receiving real-time information on energy consumption, 5G will help facilitate green energy consumption, empowering users to make better informed decisions on their consumption behaviour.

As well, the implementation of 5G will contribute to accelerating the digitization process and implicitly to reducing greenhouse gas emission levels, by streamlining energy consumption, facilitating quality remote communications, improving services or by contributing to the development/optimization of smart solution/business models in areas such as transport/logistics, real estate, energy, etc.