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Customer Relations Service (CATV)

The contract you conclude with a provider must contain information regarding the technical assistance and customer relations services it offers and the corresponding contact details. The actual conditions under which these services are offered are set by each operator, depending on the operator’s strategy of managing its direct relation with the customers.

CATV providers must ensure access to their customer service (by means of a telephone number) at least 56 hours/week, but not necessarily free of charge.

Usually, these services are offered free of charge, but you should be aware of the possibility that calls to the customer relations service may be charged after a certain number of calls or of the fact that certain technical assistance services available by telephone are offered for a charge.

When you call a customer relation service and the line is busy, you can wait until an operator is available for you or you can choose other contact means made available by the provider (premium rate call, e-mail, fax, online form, chat on the provider’s website, business premises, mail).

Check your contract for means of contacting customer service (telephone numbers, e-mail address, online contact form etc.), and for the working hours of this service.

About what, how and where can you make a complaint?

Read the Complaint handling procedure, which should be available on the provider’s website along with the contact data of the customer service centre, their working hours, addresses of the business premises etc.

ANCOM cannot step in where you are not satisfied with the quality of the customer service (waiting time, operator’s attitude, etc.), however you should send your feedback and suggestions directly to your provider in order to urge them to take steps for improving their service.

If your provider has not answered your complaint within the deadline specified in the contract, you may address the National Authority for Consumer Protection.