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Switching from a postpaid subscription to a prepaid card

Usually, the procedure for switching from subscription contract to a prepaid card at the same provider, is defined by the provider’s company policy and is not regulated by any legislation in the electronic communications field. Therefore, it is up to your provider whether and under what terms they accept your request. For more information, contact your telephony provider!

If you are not particularly interested in your current providers’ services and yet you wish to keep your phone number, while using prepaid services, you have the possibility to port your telephone number.

Porting is a service that offers users the possibility to switch providers while keeping their phone number. For mobile phone numbers, you can opt for either a subscription contract or a prepaid card when switching providers, regardless of the service provision option you adopted with your initial provider.

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About what, how and where can you make a complaint?

Given that switching from a telephony contract to a prepaid card is not regulated by the legislation in the electronic communications field, ANCOM cannot intervene in a situation where your provider refuses your request to make such a switch.

However, if your provider breaches such a clause that is stipulated in your contract, you can address the National Authority for Consumer Protection.