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How to choose a TV programme services offer

Presently, in Romania, the end-users have several options for receiving television programmes. You can choose between analogue TV (analogue cable) and digital TV (digital cable, DTT – digital terrestrial television, DTH – direct-to-home satellite TV or IPTV – based on sending the TV signal by means of Internet Protocols).

When you are making a choice, you must take into account both the benefits and the challenges of these technologies as regards the number of channels received, the image/sound quality, the amount of the monthly subscription and the service coverage.

Last but not least, you should take into account the fact that analogue TV is being replaced by digital TV, which can provide a set of advantages: access to a wider range of channels, better image and sound quality at lower costs.

What should one pay attention to when choosing an offer for the television service? Mainly, you should check the following:

  • the TV channels you are interested in and the providers that include them in their offers; B. Analyse the offers: some channels are part of programme packages that are charged in addition to the standard subscription (e.g. movie channel packages); furthermore, many providers offer the television service within a service package that may include also telephony and internet. Choose the offer that suits you best!
  • whether the chosen service is available in your area; Warning!There are areas that, due to terrain or to remote localities, only satellite TV is available;
  • charges: connection/installation fee, flat monthly rate and whether this rate is bound to the purchase of a service bundle, the tariff for using/leasing additional equipment (if applicable);
  • technical characteristics (e.g. image and/or sound quality);
  • if you intend to use more than one TV set, check the relevant conditions, considering the technology used and the contract terms;
  • service installation/activation term;
  • how one can complain about faults and what is the repair term;
  • the minimum term for which you agree to keep the contract and amount of early termination fees;
  • the damage payments you can claim if your provider fails to comply with certain contract clauses;
  • conditions for suspending/resuming suspended services, and the applicable tariffs.

Further information regarding the television offers are available on the providers’ websites or in their shops.