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How to get informed

ANCOM took measures to raise the offer transparency level, imposing on a the providers the obligation to offer you accessible, detailed, accurate, intelligible and relevant information. More details here.

The decision to choose a certain provider or offer must be an informed one. You have several means available to find out information about services and offers before concluding a contract.

The first way to get informed is to access the operators’ websites, where you can find all the details regarding the public offer for the television services, as well as the equipment offer.

ANCOM granted a special attention to the information that must be found on the providers’ websites and to how this must be presented to be easily read and understood.

Thus, on the providers’ websites you can find the following information:

The tariff plans existing in the commercial offer These will be published under the same website section or under the sections corresponding to the various provided services.

Note! Tariff plans withdrawn from the public offer, but which are still used by subscribers, will remain available in an archive, indicating their validity period.

Relevant information on the offer – amount of the monthly subscription

– all tariffs and how these are charged

– extra-options, bonuses, discounts offered

– price and characteristics of the equipment, if applicable

– list of TV programmes retransmitted and included in each tariff plan or a direct link, under a suggestive title, to the page where the list can be found

– mention that the TV programme list may suffer changes during the contract duration, if applicable

– contract duration or proposed alternatives of minimum contract duration

– applicable penalties in case of early contract termination

The information must be presented in a concise manner, in the same place, at the accessing of each tariff plan.

Conditions of service provision – activation, suspension and reconnection of services

– conditions for amending the contract

– contact data of the customer relations service and of the service which offers technical support

– other additional services offered

Framework-contract All the documents forming the framework-contract are published in a visible spot. Previous editions of the framework-contract are available on the provider’s website, in an archive.
Service provision area You find in an easily accessible spot a section dedicated to the service provision area.

Note! For satellite television services, bear in mind that the reception/quality of the service is influenced by the weather and geographic conditions or by the possibilities to move the antenna.

Procedure for handling the end-users’ complaints It is available on the providers’ websites and includes at least:

– means by which you can lodge a complaint

– maximum terms for settling the various types of complaints

–applicable compensations for non-observance of the complaint answering timeframe

– means of challenging the communicated solution

ANCOM will conduct campaigns for verifying the way in which the providers observe these information rules, but if you notice that some relevant information on the commercial offer is missing from a provider’s website, it is important you notify us on this.

If a provider does not have its own website, you can ask for complete information on the current commercial offer or withdrawn tariff plans, and the provider has the obligation to offer you this information in writing or on another durable support (e.g. by e-mail).

The information obligation also refers to the information which the provider’s representatives offer you over the phone or at the time of concluding the contract in the provider’s premises. Thus, if you ask for specific information on the provider’s commercial offer, you must receive it verbally or, if you wish, in a printed or electronic form.

Before contracting the television service, the providers have the obligation to ensure that their sales staff from their working points communicate you the minimum number of channels included in the subscription you have chosen, as well as the list of retransmitted programmes, on a hardcopy or a durable support.

You do not have to sign the contract on the spot. You can ask a copy of the framework-contract to carefully read it at home. If you want, you can ask to receive the contract/service usage conditions by e-mail.

Make an informed choice in terms of both the provider and the offer! You can have an active role in the information process! Ask from your provider all the information that you need!