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How to choose a telephony offer

Hundreds of on-net minutes, hundreds of on-net SMS, domestic minutes included or special tariffs for certain destinations. What should you choose? Choose the offer that best suits your needs.

Before choosing an offer or a telephony provider, you should find more about the following:

  • service availability in your area, for fixed telephony;

coverage, for mobile telephony; N.B. ANCOM made available to users, a platform that shows the coverage and the level of mobile signal throughout Romania, as a result of the measurements made by the Authority. You can initially opt for a prepaid card to check the coverage and quality of service.

  • charges: connection/installation fee, flat monthly rate and whether this rate is bound to the purchase of a service bundle, the tariff for using/leasing additional equipment (if applicable), roaming tariffs/tariffs for international calls (if applicable);
  • monthly resource allowance – minutes/SMS included in the chosen subscription/credit/add-on, networks on which they can be used, order of consumption and tariffs charged after the consumption of the included minutes/SMS etc;
  • service installation/activation term;
  • how one can complain about faults and what is the repair term;
  • the damage payments you can claim if your provider fails to comply with certain contract clauses;
  • the minimum term for which you agree to keep the contract;
  • the fees you may pay if you terminate the contract earlier than the provided term;
  • whether the telephone set you buy together with the service is locked on the respective operator’s network.

For finding the offer that best suits your communication needs, visit www.veritel.roYou can find the providers’ telephony offers also in their shops or on the respective websites.