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Tariffs – general information

Generally, the offers for fixed internet services require the payment of a monthly flat rate, ensuring unlimited traffic. This means you can use the service as long as you comply with your obligation to pay your subscription.

As for the mobile internet services, most often, you will have the possibility to achieve a certain volume of traffic (e.g. 50 MB, 1 GB or 5 GB) within the amount of the monthly subscription, after which additional traffic is additionally charged or the transfer rate – reduced.

WARNING!! The wording “unlimited traffic” can be found also in the offers for mobile internet. It usually refers to the possibility of uninterruptedly using the internet service after you have used up the included traffic, which means you will be additionally charged, or the data transfer rate will be limited.

The contract you conclude with your provider must stipulate the tariffs for each type of service included in the contract or the amount of each tax mentioned, as well as the following:

  • subscription price (usually per month);
  • traffic volume included in the subscription, destination of included traffic (national, roaming, limited to certain applications/websites) and the time interval when this traffic can be achieved, as applicable;
  • tariff for the additional traffic, registered in case of exceeding the traffic included in the subscription;
  • charging method (minimum charging unit, applicable rounding – by connection or by the end of the billing period);
  • traffic achievement order, where bonuses are granted; for example, usage order in case of summing up an internet subscription and a bonus of a certain amount of traffic, achievable within a limited period.

About what, how and where you can complain

If you concluded a contract that does not contain these details, ANCOM may take steps. Visit our section Notify ANCOM and send us a complaint.