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Quality of service

The mobile phone service uses radio waves transmission, which can be affected by various obstacles (e.g. buildings, tunnels, hills, forests, lakes, weather conditions, etc.), by the technical specifications of the networks, the telephones used, the number of calls initiated by numeorus users simultaneously etc.

Hence, in most cases, providers do not guarantee the possibility of using the telephony service in perfect conditions anywhere and anytime.

In order to support users, ANCOM has made available to them a platform displaying a coverage map and the level of mobile signal throughout the country, as resulted from measurements carried out by the Authority. The platform allows users to check the coverage level of 2G, 3G or 4G signal for all mobile operators active on the Romanian market.

In order to see the national levels of coverage, users must select one operator and one or several technologies (2G, 3G, 4G). The users interested in the coverage levels in a specific location must select the area of interest. Furthermore, the map also enables location finding, in order to check the coverage level at the user’s current location. On, interested users can find out which are the areas with the best levels of coverage, but also the ones with the worst levels, as well as the level of indoor/outdoor coverage and the areas with no coverage.

On the other hand, the Government Emergency Ordinance  no. 111/2011 requires both fixed telephony operators and mobile telephony operators to include in the contracts concluded with the users the fault repair term, the service provision term (the time lapsed from the moment the contract is concluded to the date on which the service is activated) and the term for settling a complaint, without however establishing their minimum and maximum values.

Thus, the values ​​of the aforementioned indicators are established by each provider in accordance with their commercial policy. See what your contract provides!

Furthermore, the contract must contain information regarding the damage compensations that you are entitled to receive if the fault is not remedied within the mentioned term, if the service provision term is not respected or if the complaint sent to the provider is not resolved in time. The contract must also provide for the calculation of the compensations granted (discounts on the subscription, rollover plans, etc.) and what you have to do to obtain the indicated compensations.

About what, how and where can you make a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of services offered, first check the contract for the conditions under which you can receive compensation and for the corresponding procedure, and then contact your provider.

  1. B.! For each complaint you make, the provider must give you a registration number.

If the provider has not complied with the contractual obligations, the deadline for resolving the complaint has been exceeded or you have not received any response from the provider, you can address the National Authority for Consumer Protection. In this situation, ANCOM can offer advice and mediation, but it cannot sanction the provider.

If you have concluded a contract in which the values ​​of the quality indicators established by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2011 are not specified, ANCOM can take measures. See how you can notify us in the section Complain to ANCOM!