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Prepaid card for internet

A prepaid card for internet allows you to better control how much you pay on internet services. Moreover, the offers are more dynamic and you can easily pick the offer that best suits your needs.

What you probably didn’t know about internet cards is that you conclude a contract with a provider in this case too, despite not signing any documents.

In this situation, the contract is the offer you benefit from when you buy the card together with the general terms and conditions for service provision, both available on the provider’s websites and in shops. Similarly to subscriptions, a contract must provide a set of minimum clauses established by the law.

The fact that you have activated your card and are using the service implies your tacit agreement with the offer and the general terms and conditions for service provision.

Make sure you know your rights and obligations! Ask your provider for the contract!


The internet card has a certain validity period starting from the activation date. During the validity period, you can surf the internet within the available credit or within the included data traffic. After the expiry of the validity period, usually a grace period starts.

During the grace period, you can top-up the card and, thus, extend the validity period.

When the grace period expires, and the validity period of the card has not been extended by reactivating one of the options or by top-up, the number will be automatically disconnected from the network.

About what, how and where you can complain

If the provider does not observe the contract provisions, you may address the National Authority for Consumers Protection. In this situation, ANCOM can provide counselling and mediation, but cannot sanction the provider.

ANCOM may take steps if your contract does not provide the above-mentioned minimum clauses. Find out how you can send a complaint to ANCOM in Notify ANCOM!