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Suspending the internet service provision

During the execution of the contract, the provision of the internet service may be suspended in the following situations:

At your request

Some providers offer their customers the opportunity to request service suspension, for a limited period.

The possibility of requesting the temporary suspension of the service and the conditions for its implementation must be specified in the contract you have concluded with your provider. If you are interested in doing so, check where and how you can submit the request, the maximum period for which you can request the suspension of the service provision, whether this period will proportionally extend the initial contract duration, under what conditions reconnection is performed, whether reconnection fees are charged etc.

At the provider’s initiative

In certain situations, specified in the contract, the provider may decide to suspend your service provision. Usually, the suspension of the service may be caused by failure to pay the bill within the term indicated in the contract, by the occurrence of a network security risk or by your failure to comply with other contractual obligations. The contract must contain at least the following information regarding the suspension: in what cases the service provision may be suspended, the possible consequences of the suspension on the other contractual rights and obligations, and under what conditions the provision of the service can be resumed (for example, after payment of the outstanding bills and a reconnection fee).

About what, how and where can you make a complaint?

If the supplier does not comply with its contractual obligations regarding the suspension of the service provision,  you may address the National Authority for Consumer Protection. In this situation, ANCOM can offer advice and mediation, but cannot sanction the provider.

If you have concluded a contract that does not specify the conditions for suspending the service provision, and yet the provider offers this facility or exercises this right, ANCOM can take measures. See how you can notify us. Consult the section Complain to ANCOM!