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Lost/stolen phone

For limiting your losses if your phone is lost or stolen, take some safety precautions:

  • Do not use the default PIN! Personalize it and do not communicate it to anyone!
  • If your mobile settings allow it, set a password to lock your screen.
  • If you have a smartphone, install a device locator application, according to the operating system used. For example, for iPhone, the most popular application is called Find My iPhone, for BlackBerry devices you have BlackBerry Protect, for Android operating system the Android Device Manager app, which is associated with a Google account, and for Windows Phone the Find My Phone app, if a Microsoft account has been set up.
  • Periodically back up your contacts or other important data to another device or online. Your provider may also offer you a service / application for this. Moreover, there are remote access apps that allow you to delete information stored on your phone (such as photos, contact list, etc.).
  • Keep the purchase documents of the phone to know its model and IMEI code*, and as proof that you own the phone.

*the IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit device identification code, which you can find if you look inside the phone after removing the battery or, for some models, dialling * # 06 #.

  • You can choose to get insurance for your phone. Some insurance options also cover situations where the insured device has been stolen.


What can I do if my phone has been lost/stolen?

  1. Notify your telephone operator as soon as possible and request a temporary suspension of your subscription or prepay card. This way, no calls, text messages or data transfers can be initiated from your number, but you will be able to receive calls and messages.

In order to apply for suspension, you must:

  • be the holder of the subscription contract or the representative of the company in relation with the telephone operator;
  • know some data about the card number, the existing credit, the date of the last top-up the dialled numbers, etc., if you are a prepay card user.
  1. In the fortunate case that you immediately recover your phone and card, you can request a reconnection of the card (you can use the same identification details).
  2. Go to one of the operators’ commercial establishments and ask for the suspended card to be replaced. You will get another card with the same number, but you may also be required to pay a card replacement fee.
  3. Check in the contract concluded with the operator if you have to pay the subscription for the period when you could not use the phone number, and if the credit of the activated card / add-ons are available on the new card.
  4. In the case of theft, address a complaint to a police station from the area where the crime occurred. It is advisable to have the purchase documents for the device from which the IMEI can be seen.