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ANCOM atributions in the field of Amateur Radiocommunications

Amateur Radiocommunications include all types of civil radiocommunications operating in radio frequency bands with non-governmental or shared application, allotted to the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services, according to the National Table for Frequency Allocation (NTFA), as follows:

  • amateur and amateur-satellite radiocommunications;
  • permanently harmonizes the national legislation in the field with the international provisions with a view to ensure the operational and legal compatibility of amateur and amateur-satellite stations located on Romania’s territory, in direct relation with the stations located on other sates’ territories;
  • regulates and coordinates the activity of the amateur and amateur-satellite services at national level.

In this field, ANCOM:

  • allots and assigns radio frequencies for amateur and amateur-satellite radiocommunications networks;
  • coordinates in cooperation with the electronic communications administrations of the neighbouring countries the radio frequencies within the bands allotted to amateur and amateur-satellite services, according to NTFA.

ANCOM grants:

  • amateur operator certificates, as follows:
  • first- and second-class certificates, issued in compliance with CEPT T/R 61-02 Recommendation, equivalent to CEPT HAREC certificate;
  • third-class certificates, granted  in accordance with CEPT ERC 32/2005 Report, equivalent to CEPT Novice certificate;
  • restricted third-class certificates.
  • amateur operation authorizations, as follows:
  • first- and second-class authorizations, issued according to CEPT T/R 61-01 Recommendation, equivalent to CEPT authorization;
  • third-class authorizations, granted to CEPT ECC 05(06) Report, equivalent to CEPT Novice certificate;
  • restricted third-class authorizations;
  • radioclub stations authorizations;
  • repeater stations and radiomarker authorizations.