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Installation and activation of the television service

The term for installing the television service must be specified in the contract you concluded. Usually, the contract provides a maximum term in which the provider must install/activate your service. The provider can install/activate your services sooner, however we suggest you take note of the term specified in the contract as you can make a complaint or request compensation only if this term has been exceeded.

If the provider does not respect the terms of the contract, send them a complaint by the method indicated in the Complaint Handling Procedure, which you received upon entering the contract and can also be found on the providers’ website.

When and where can you make a complaint?

If the provider does not comply with the contractual obligation referring to the terms of service provision, you can address the National Authority for Consumer Protection. In this situation, ANCOM can provide counselling and mediation, but cannot sanction the provider.

ANCOM can take measures if the term for service provision is not provided in your contract. Consult the section Complain to ANCOM!